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Wallspace™: rethink open space

Wallspace™: rethink open space WallSpace modular walling system Office workstation acoustic furniture

Everyone knows by now that open plan offices are bad news, and for good reason! No one wants to be in a space where work becomes a battlefield of distractions vying for your attention: Sally’s loud chatter about last night’s date, Thabo’s ridiculous morning smoker’s-cough routine or the umpteenth courier scuffling past with yet another […]


Greenhouse RAW Epik workspace range Greenhouse office work life furniture

Despite all the project specific design/supply happening in the background, our Epik workspace range is proving itself as adaptable and timeless as ever with more and more businesses seeing value in a well-considered workplace.  A client recently approached us, stating that “Our workspace had become a grey, muted and uninventive environment, with staff members […]


Re-workshop RAW Studios' Whole Workshop working

Round and round she goes… Could it make a substantial difference in cost efficiency and cut down significantly on waste if smaller workshops followed the design principles around larger production lines? Damn right it could. We reimagined and reorganized our production processes to follow closed loop (circular) systems to get closer to a production line […]

Work_life like minds

Work_life like minds Work_life like minds - RAW

One of our core missions at Raw Studios is to improve the workplace of today, and to make corporate industries understand the need for healthier, considered and quality-centred spaces in an office. This mission faces uphill battles some days and victories on others, but the process is all the more worthwhile when we come across […]

Fresh New Project

Fresh New Project

Raw Studios products chosen on Cape Town training centres for FNB. First National Bank maintains high standards when it comes to training their staff so why should it be any different when it comes to furnishing and beautifying their workspaces. From the first interface with the training centre at reception to within the deep inner […]

Birth of a new kind of awesome… it’s Stilts™

Birth of a new kind of awesome… it’s Stilts™

So you’ve watched the teaser video, above, right? Good, now let’s get you up to speed with the rest of the story. In our last blog newsletter we gave a little taste of a current project for the University of Pretoria , which sparked the development of a brand new furniture range. (Didn’t read it? […]

Workers Rise Up! Join the movement!

Workers Rise Up! Join the movement! Workers Rise Up! Join the movement!

Something is stirring deep within the belly of our beautiful motherland and it’s time that workers everywhere rise up and show that they have had enough! “Had enough of what?” the unenlightened employer may ask. At RAW we are fighting the system, the system that keeps providing us with ill conceived, unsustainable, badly designed and […]

Time to live differently. Our 5 ways to design to a different tune.

Time to live differently. Our 5 ways to design to a different tune. Raw Studios RAW_life Mood Container

Companies and designers have to keep challenging their designs to remain contemporary: a challenge that requires alternative approaches and thinking. With some insight into what RAW is up to, here are our top 5 ways to get in tune with ‘different’: 1. Have an opposite day. Used to tackling your design process in a specific […]

The countdown has started… The world is coming to Africa.

The countdown has started… The world is coming to Africa. Future Africa Institute Artist Sketch RAW

Imagine an existing space where human, space and object are intertwined, where interaction is a core aspect of creating synergy between humans and their environment. Well, stop imagining because this concept is already in the making at the Future Africa Institute, a campus for international students aimed at creating a holistic and interactive environment. Earthworld […]

Confessions of our latest RAW member.

Confessions of our latest RAW member. Raw Studios new member Biance

This Visi magazine featured designer reveals her 4 funniest experiences being new to furniture design and RAW. 1. Avoid stereotypes. On my first visit, I expected a grimy old chaotic workshop full of mounds of saw dust , furniture parts scattered everywhere and sad fluorescent lights flickering overhead. To my surprise Raw Studios was the […]

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