Raw is branching out


The latest addition to the Raw product family is Takke, an Afrikaans word for ‘tree branches’.

You may well ask what this “Takke” we are alluding to is? “Takke” is a wall-mounted coat rack with its shape and form inspired by and derived from the simplified silhouettes of tree branches. The branch structure lends itself naturally to the shaping of hooks and hanging spaces. These natural hooks and hangers are what attracted our attention initially and formed the biggest inspiration for the design. Precedents for coat rack design are readily available. Few acknowledge the origins of the design. We aim to rectify this.

Inherently the shape of tree branches does not lend itself to a modular simplistic design, nor to the cost-effective use of materials, but at Raw Studios our design philosophy is driven by such essential goals.

We considered the various aspects of the designs and combined them with the instinctive jointing techniques we make use of. The product that finally emerged is esthetically pleasing and functional. It also boasts of exceptional economical use of materials and resources.

Once Takke is officially launched in all its varying configurations, we believe this product will successfully branch out into many interiors and into people’s hearts.


  • Hallo, My dogter is n 1ste jaar student in die koshuis op Stellenbosch. Sy mag niks teen haar muur inslaan nie maar hulle benodig ‘n staander of iets met hakke om handsakke, hoede, pette ens op te hang wat min plek neem. Al wat beskikbaar is is ‘n staanrak met arms (Mr Price Home) – neem egter baie plek. Kan julle nie iets ontwerp – seker sal baie gewild wees. Mal oor julle goed – laat my dink aan Ikeya.

    • Hi Christa,

      Thank you for your kind words on our work. At present we are focused on furniture systems and not so much loose objects, so we dont plan to work on a coat stand soon. I will however place it on our “client wish list”. I hope you can find other products of interest in our range. Kind Regards, Peet.

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